Awkward High School Girls AU

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Awkward High School Girls AU

Post by aijaa on Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:48 am

Kids always said their favourite period of the day was lunch. Got together with their friends, found their favourite table, messed around for the whole break before they went to their next class. Some even had cars and could leave campus! Vivienne thought lunch was one of the worst periods of the day though; at least teachers were around during class times.

She had read a few books where the awkward protagonist would take their lunch and eat in the restroom to avoid people. She'd tried that but after listening to some chick take a loud dump she'd decided she'd be better off finding somewhere else to hide. That place was the old art room on the third floor. The reason it stayed empty was(other than being locked, but Vivienne had bobby pins with her all the time) the room was covered in dust and smelled funky. The blonde would much rather have the smell of clay dust and mold around her than... well...

Checking the hallway then letting herself in, Vivienne found her way to her usual stool and set her bagged lunch on the table. It was stolen of course, she'd picked it out of some kid's bag in the locker room while everyone was in gym class. She hoped her stolen lunch was good- ah, yeah. Another peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some baby carrots, and a Capri Sun. Score. The blonde started on the sandwich first, swinging her feet and examining the words and symbols etched into the old table.

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