Bird Boys Origin

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Bird Boys Origin

Post by SisterShree on Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:20 pm

Bruce had not lied when he told Tim that he wouldn't be going easy on him. Not to say that Tim didn't believe Bruce, but It was one thing to understand what you're getting yourself into, its another to actually be put through it. Tim was being shaped mentally and physically, pushed to his limits, beyond his limits, and expected to break through to Bruce's expectations.
If Tim was being honest with himself, he loved it. He wasn't a stranger to hard work, to pushing himself to be better then himself, but this was the first time that he really felt like it was worth it, that it was making a difference.
Batman still didn't take him out on patrol, not yet, Tim didn't know what he was waiting for, He was sure he would be able to handle whatever the job could throw at him just fine. To the best that Tim could understand, it was the ghost of Jason Todd lingering in the back of the older hero's mind. Batman wasn't ready to go out with a sidekick yet, so in extension, Red Robin wasn't ready to go out with Batman yet.

The Batcave was becoming more of his home then the actual manner was, when Tim wasn't learning martial arts and getting his teenage ass handed to him by his mentor, he was on the computer doing research, helping with investigations that Batman was doing, or keeping up with his studies for School. He was still expected to keep his grades up.
He didn't have much of a social life with Batman, Or with anyone really. While he looked up to Bruce and Batman and everything they did, Tim found himself seeing the man as a means to learn, Bruce was a distant man himself, making emotional connections seemingly nonexistent in these past few months since Tim had moved in to the Wayne manor.

It was a late Friday night, a busy night for the Batman, Not so much for young Red Robin who sat at the Batcave's computer counsel, a damp towel wrapped around his neck, and his black hair tossed in a wet mess, yet to be combed down.
Sitting in the darkness with nothing but the screen displaying Batman's cowl cam as he drove through the streets of Gotham. And the files open from the investigations he was working on for the night for Tim to review as well. Sure he couldn't go out yet, but at least he could help with what he could from here. Maybe prove to Batman that he was in fact capable.

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