Dirty Dancing AU Ohoho

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Dirty Dancing AU Ohoho

Post by aijaa on Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:12 am

Outside the club all Vincent could hear was a dull throb of the beat of the music. Leaning against the wall and checking people as they wandered in, he kept his arms folded across his chest and his eyes towards the street. The initial rush of people had already passed, the rest of the night would be boring unless he got to take care of a drunken asshole or two. Or three- but that hadn't happened in a while. Unfortunately. The blonde hated getting stuck outside, the fun was always inside on the dance floor or in the bar. Maybe he'd persuade the newbie that'd been hired on a week before to stand outside, if Vincent got too bored. That was one perk of seniority.

He saw all sorts of people working here. Some of the outfits people made up would have them arrested for public indecency(alright, a lot of the outfits were that way). Vincent made a point to weed out the... low class. The druggies, the drunkards, the ones who couldn't seem to manage a bath. The club had an image to uphold! He'd worked there to know the types that'd cause trouble. He also knew the type that were willing to be escorted to one of the backrooms with him. ...And on these slow nights, Vincent kept his eyes on the street for one of those people.

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Re: Dirty Dancing AU Ohoho

Post by insidiousEnigma on Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:00 am

The air was crisp and edging on just this side of cold. The musky smell of dying flora and fire wood permeated the air and he relished in the loud crunch of the fallen leaves beneath his heels.

Andre loved this time of the year.

The weather was just right for going out. Not too cold so he'd have to bundle up and not so hot that he would sweat before he even reached his destination. Before he reached his destination, he paused in front of a rather dingy looking store to check his appearance. He nearly purred at the sight of himself. Oh yes, tonight would be fun. It'd been far too long since he'd gone out. After adjusting his thigh highs, he continued the short distance to the night club.

"Good evening." He greeted the bouncer outside of the rather indiscreet looking club, fishing his ID out from his form fitting PVC top. Running a hand through his mussed, purple hair, he held the little bit of plastic out for the blonde to take. He was rather attractive and he lets his eyes wander along the others body. "It's a nice night, don't you agree?" He asked with a coy smile when he raised his eyes to meet the bouncer's.

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